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August 28 - 29

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About the event

QuantumHack is the largest international digital hackathon of Nepal. Our mission is to organize a hackathon to allow a large group of innovators from all over the world to collaborate and solve real-world problems in a relatively short time. It will address the need of bringing industries and innovators together to collaborate for mutual benefit.

QuantumHack will host about 240 participants from all around the world. On August 28-29, 2020, this 24-hour, full steam ahead event will challenge participants to learn, think outside the box, and push the limits on what they can build using technology. This will be the very first attempt in Nepal to organize an international virtual hackathon. It will allow students to compete at the convenience of their homes during this pandemic.

Our Mission

Welcome to QuantumHack, the largest virtual hackathon in Nepal ! From August 28 to 29, we will host more than 240 people who will come together to share ideas and build technologies that impact our community and the world. The recent pandemic crisis has exposed a great wave of challenges in everyday human life. Amidst these uncertain times, we have seen a great response and commitment from both technical and nontechnical people. QuantumHack will support and empower people from all walks of life to create a positive impact in their community through the design of new technologies and applications. Through workshops and mentorship sessions, we know that these individuals will build strong technological, teamwork and networking skills.

Disaster Management and Preparedness

Theme - 1

The COVID 19 crisis has exposed major weaknesses in our preparedness against sudden disasters and crises. Improper preparation against such disasters have caused needless deaths and destruction. Proper preparation and management of such frequently occurring disasters can save lives and prevent extreme spending in containment and relief.

Design a system that can predict an incoming disaster and help minimize casualties and damage during the disaster.
Some of the areas of focus and improvements are shown below (Not compulsory):

  • P1: Internet of Things and its applications in disaster preparedness and response (Sensor networks for early warning, Drone applications in relief operations)
  • P2: Alternative communication methods (Satellite and Radio-communication technologies in case telecom services are disturbed or destroyed)
  • P3: Post Disaster Response (Relief supply tracking to prevent fraud, Telemedicine services in case of physical injury or harm)
  • P4: Damage assessment using Deep Learning/ Computer Vision to efficiently deploy rescue personnel and resources


Theme - 2

In this increasingly competitive world, access to modern financial services is essential to every individual and business. Also, modern businesses need to go online in order to reach a greater customer base and sustain in this competitive market. FinTech has been able to democratize financial services to a certain level and prevent fraud against unaware individuals and businesses. Expansion of FinTech is essential and integration of alternative technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency is necessary to prevent scams and frauds.

Design innovative financial technologies to replace or improve traditional payment (hand to hand) systems which can help prevent the transmission of germs or viruses.
Following points may give you idea on what you can do:

  • P1: Integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency in everyday transactions
  • P2: Tracking of relief and charity funds
  • P3: Enhancing customer experience and moving businesses quickly from offline to online


Theme - 3

The COVID 19 has disrupted studies worldwide. Most of the universities have had to shut down teaching and sessions have been shifted. Students have been facing uncertainties in their continuation of studies and psychological problems are mounting. In some underdeveloped countries, internet access is inaccessible in remote communities and hence the possibility of online studies is faint. ‘Education’ is one of our most essential themes for ‘QuantumHack’ as we must be well prepared to continue learning and teaching when the next disaster occurs.

Design technologies that can increase the efficiency in distance learning.
These might help you think what you can do:

  • P1: Modernizing Education (Integration of augmented reality technologies for demonstrations, Interactive classes with more visual options)
  • P2: Modernizing Assignments, Tests and Student Evaluations (Taking examinations from home, remote evaluation of students)
  • P3: Study Materials Bank (Designing study materials in local languages where English is not mainstream, free access to students who cannot afford)
  • P4: Improve traditional operations like student attendance, marksheet distributions, review and suggestions to students

Health and Urban Population Management

Theme - 4

Health services have been greatly challenged by the recent crisis. Countries with some of the most advanced health services in the world have been stretched beyond their capacity and are unable to cope with increasing problems. Health is one of the most important areas that need major improvement if we are to prepare for similar crises in the future. That is why Health is one of the most exciting themes for QuantumHack.

Design technologies that will improve the current state of healthcare delivery and healthcare resource management which has been severely exposed by the pandemic crisis.
Here are some projects that you can get inspired from:

  • P1: Cloud Infrastructure Integration in Health Services (Patient Data, Computing resource support for support in research and development)
  • P2: Remote Monitoring, Tracking and control (Tracking of pandemic and its spread for swift containment actions) using Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence
  • P3: Sanitation and cleanliness (Sanitization Technologies)
  • P4: Mapping and recording of available healthcare resources for proper delivery of healthcare


Theme - 5

Entertainment is an attractive segment for every hackathon. QuantumHack allows our participants to get creative in building entertainment applications like games and immersive technologies (AR, VR) applications. The entertainment industry is changing with the rise of immersive technologies and we want our participants to get aboard early and learn from the best.

Design innovative entertainment technologies that are highly interactive and engaging.
You can brainstorm using the followin points:

  • P1: Local culture exchange entertainment apps
  • P2: Games - Storytelling with simple stickman game, Local cultural games (Multiplayer)
  • P3: Immersive technologies (VR, AR) in gaming, tourism and advertising
  • P4: Technologies promoting local arts and celebrities


Theme - 6

The open segment of QuantumHack allows our participants to develop any technologies or software that can combat challenges in our community and the world. This is the segment that is not confined to a specific problem domain.

Design any problem solving technologies according to your will.
Its all upto you, anything you want!

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